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Folded Paper and “Between the Folds”

This folded paper art by Simon Schubert is so fascinating.  It also reminds me of an incredible documentary that Sally, Bill, and many of the apprentices have fallen head over heels for, called “Between the Folds“.  I’d recommend it to anyone – it’s breathtaking.

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Here it is at its best…Artist Yong Ho Ji uses old tires for his sculptures, like this horse. More of his work here.

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For the Star Wars Fan in all of us:

The real question is, who wouldn’t want to wear this backpack?  It would be perfect for bringing home the project from Electric Star Wars this summer.

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This article from explains Skinput technology (video above).  Reminds me of the FastCompany article about Gesture Technology.

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Gesture Technology

Take a look at this video of Pranav Mistry, a Research Assistant at MIT’s Media Lab, demo the technology called  SixthSense.  This article on FastCompany’s website is incredibly fascinating, and explains how a completely new field of technology – initiated and translated through simple gestures (even a mere breath of air) – may be taking over the scene in the next five years.

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Stop Motion Animation

This video is in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Annecy Animation Festival; it reminds me of the Stop Action Labs we’re doing this summer in the computer lab.  Apparently I’ve got summer on the brain!

Food about you – Annecy festival 2010 from Alexandre DUBOSC on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Coudal Partners.

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The Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade 2010

In perusing this morning I found some information about London’s Elephant Parade. It’s an annual event held in London that builds awareness about the plight of endangered Asian Elephants, and is the focus of one of our Summer programs this year.

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