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Everybody needs one of these!

Who likes folding clothes?  Thanks to our apprentice Naomi and to, we now have found a solution for that ever-growing pile of clothes in the corner of your bedroom:

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LEGO’s robot solves a Rubik’s Cube

Found this on Coudal Partners this morning. Lego’s Robot Android – through an by ARM powered Motorola Droid – solves a Rubik’s Cube.  Apparently the Droid phone does “do” everything.  Take a look:

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One of our own on

Alice Roche, a former apprentice, was featured on Design Milk (a great design blog, by the way) for her jewelry.

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BristleBots from

Take a look at these…

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The Sonic Swing

This morning, we attended a Yale Community Breakfast.  Professor Robert Grober, Yale Physics gave a talk about the physics of a golf swing.  Who knew you could tell how talented an athlete was, simply by the resonance of their movements?  The mechanics behind his system are amazing. But the idea that we can learn and modify behavior from sound alone … incredible.

“He’s an academic physicist who invented a brilliantly practical device of focusing electron microscopes. His insight is that many can make much more precise adjustments by ear than they can by eye. Then he coupled that insight with his love of golf and identified a whole new method of learning…the learning of everything. Grober has reminded educators that they routinely forget to explore the whole spectrum of sensory perception that is integral to learning…he asks an absolutely fresh (and timely) question. Just how much of our brain is in our ears?” Wm Brown

Learn more about sonic golf…

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So… we’re brand new at this.  Give us a few days, and we’ll have our new blog up and running.

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