Electroluminescent Wire: Make Crazy Light-up Costumes, Among Other Things…

By:  Alex Leffell, EWM apprentice

Electroluminescent wire, or EL wire, is a relatively cheap, energy efficient way to produce long continuous lines of glowing light.  I am looking into how the Museum can apply some of the endless possibilities of EL wire to new projects.

When a high voltage, high frequency current is applied to the wire, the electric field created excites the phosphor coating, causing it to glow.  This allows for flexible, uninterrupted light, unlike LED strip lighting.

The flexibility of the wire allows for a diverse array of possiblities…. From an awesome light up costume (instructions here), to cool ways to trick out your motorcycle.

Where EL wire will take us, we don’t yet know.  But we are certain it will be somewhere interesting.  Stay tuned.

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One response to “Electroluminescent Wire: Make Crazy Light-up Costumes, Among Other Things…

  1. Sarah

    I’m gonna ride my light up costume on my motorcycle. Watch out!