Pure Play

One of the themes we read in our Summer 2010 Survey Feedback (a full report to follow in two weeks) is that we can be more balanced and flexible in the outside play we work into our classes.
This website offers useful, energetic, and compelling ideas that support that goal.

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  1. kmorrell

    Seeing this post, and looking at the linked website, I thought I’d share some things that it reminded me of, though might be somewhat unrelated.

    A school one of my children used to attend put in a natural playground, using the guidance of Ron King & his company. I think an artist in residence program was used during the design phase – there were a lot of student projects centered around playground design. A couple of the projects that I remember the students doing were building small playground models (a bit fantastical, many/most featured water & I recall several had caves) and the sixth graders learning ways of surveying the play area.