To Do: March 12th and 13th

The New: Pi Truck

Monday (3/14) is Pi Day.  We’ll serve ours up a little early. Construct a Big Green Pi Truck.*

Discover the recipe:

If you know a wheel’s diameter, you know how far it will roll. It’s as easy as pie.

Straightforward enough for a 6 year old, a delight for everyone else.

*A tribute to our favorite Big Green Pizza Pi Truck,

Sadly, no pizza today.

Saturday and Sunday, 1-2 pm

$10, $7 for members.

The Classic: Square Crows

Six Crows is Leo Lionni’s fable for cooperation and peace. Construct a Square Crow, a Scare Crow from blocks of wood and imagination. Discover the moral: Words can make magic and smiles.

Suitable for children 5 and above.

Saturday and Sunday, 1-2 pm.

$7, $5 for members.

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