Fetching Art

Who has been building the wonderful piles of sticks found in the park next to the Museum?

Turns out its Dani and her owner Charlie Pillsbury who’ve been tidying up after their outings.  Dani loves retrieving sticks and will carry two or three at a time.  At the end of the play, she gives them to Charlie who has been artistically weaving them into  lovely markers indicating their “playground”.

Dani is an English Shepherd (the English version of a Cairn Terrier?).


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3 responses to “Fetching Art

  1. Annika

    It’s always nice to find someone who likes to pick up sticks. So few do.

  2. Sally

    Actually Dani is an English Shepherd. Brain misfire folks. We’ll correct it.

  3. Buck

    So it’s not the Wicked Witch of the East Rock Park? That’s a relief.