Theatre of Illusions: A Week Insight

Clockwise from top left…
  • “Jack’s Optical Illusions” – a book filled with printed optical illusions, like Duchamp’s spinners.
  • Praxinoscope:  An “animator”,  or a series of pictures lined up with mirrors to create a moving image.
  • Thaumatrope (on Jack’s dragon) – two pictures attached to opposite sides of a block of wood. When spun quickly, a similar effect to the animator is created.
  • Eames’ Room – a small, disproportionate room constructed of cardboard. When looking through a small hole in the side of the room, the room looks normal (until a clothespin person is added to each side). One person appears much larger than the other.
  • 3D cube – cut and painted pieces of wood used to create a seemingly 3D cube.
  • 3D hand drawing – a combination of straight and curved lines which create a 3D effect.

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