Hydrofoils: Scaling Power

This is something we’re working on for our class this summer, Bell Labs: Alexander Graham Bell.   This class is looking at Bell’s inventions, one of which is the hydrofoil.

The video above is a good example of a small hydrofoil model, but they are hard to find.  For our design, we are really more interested in the principle than we are in the exact look of Bell’s craft.  Its possible we could make something work with model airplane motors, but those can be expensive and a bit dangerous.  Our plastic props are inexpensive, and designed for the low power of wind-up rubberband applications.  We drive those props with 3-6 volt motors, which are still low power.  We’ll keep you updated on our ideas and updates.  Any ideas?  Comment below:

4 responses to “Designs

  1. Lindsay Baker

    I recently built a Leonardo paddle boat. Could you advise me as to where I can get a replacement rubber chord for it? Thanks.

  2. Ben

    I bet if the body was kept lightwieght, a small motor could power it fine, maybe even a rubberband. This is neat.

  3. rosebud

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  4. rosebud

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