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Hello, from Peru

Our Yale Presidential Fellow from two years ago, Gina Gonzalez (read about the program here) sent us a hello yesterday, wearing a very familiar t-shirt.

She is currently serving in the PeaceCorps, as a water and sanitation volunteer in Peru.

EWM, all over the world.

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The Studio of Martha Burns on Moo Dog Knits

Moo Dog Knits featured a great article on the Studio of Martha Burns.  Martha offers sewing and weaving classes here at the Museum as a visiting artist during our Summer and Vacation programs.

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The 32nd Annual Meeting: Wednesday, October 19th @ 5:30 pm

A reminder:  The Eli Whitney Museum’s 32nd Annual Meeting will convene this Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm.

The theme:  New Tools for Design.

David Kelley, Founder of Stanford's

Graciously, this past Monday’s Wall Street Journal introduced the topic in Carolyn Geer’s Innovation 101.  Oh Stanford, catch us if you can.

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A Tribute

This video is a student’s Senior Capstone Speech at Chase Collegiate School.  His name is Zach Leff –  a former Summer Camper and EWM enthusiast.  His speech is a tribute to the annual Understanding Conflict series that takes place every summer, the Museum’s apprentices, and mostly, to Bill, the Museum’s Director.

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A Case Study of Fine Design

Ethan Frier is a student at Carnegie Mellon University.  He recognized an obvious and significant problem.  He proposed a brilliant solution.  See the video here.

He presented his case for the design with detail, clarity, and pizazz that will awaken envy.

This is a case study of fine design.

Post provided by Sylvie Rosenthal.  

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The Barn

Work on Whitney’s 1816 Barn across the street is progressing – and exciting to watch.  The slate roof is nearly complete, and siding is being replaced on the South Side of the structure.

This project is financed in part by the State of Connecticut utilizing state bond funds, and administered by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, and administered by the State Office of Historic Preservation.

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Fetching Art

Who has been building the wonderful piles of sticks found in the park next to the Museum?

Turns out its Dani and her owner Charlie Pillsbury who’ve been tidying up after their outings.  Dani loves retrieving sticks and will carry two or three at a time.  At the end of the play, she gives them to Charlie who has been artistically weaving them into  lovely markers indicating their “playground”.

Dani is an English Shepherd (the English version of a Cairn Terrier?).


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